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February 2013                               Newsletter


From PLC client:

“I am glad I found PLC, their nurses are professional and
extreme nice, I learn so much for the past few weeks. I am glad to have a nurse
home visit every week to monitor my illness, to stay healthy and leave longer,
also to keep my diabetes under control. My nurse thought me how to keep track
of my blood sugar results with a log, eat a low-carb diet and to walk as much
as possible." –Mary A. 64


Triumph over Diabetes

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you
learn you have diabetes is that you have a lot of power. You got the Power to
make healthier decisions, and to take better care of yourself and triumph over
this illness.

Remember, too, that you're not alone! Tens of millions of
Americans have type 1 or 2 diabetes. Many
have successfully integrated type 2 diabetes treatments into their daily
routines and are living full and happy lives. Some of our clients are managing
to control their blood sugar without medications and insulin by eating healthy
and exercising.

It's important to know that you don't have to figure out everything at once. Having type1 or 2
diabetes will be a challenge at times, which is why, along with your Precious
Life Diabetes monitoring, we're here to support you and share key information
on symptoms, treatments and new lifestyle habits you can start today.


Take a look at the
PLC High Blood Pressure Program

Save on Co-pays, Eat
Healthy, Be Active, Manage Stress, Stay on Track

Save on Co-pays:

The co-pay savings card: An important part of PLC Blood
Pressure Program

The program helps you to pay for your medicine and help stay on track to lower your blood pressure.
Eligible clients receive a free Savings of co-pay savings card. Use your co-pay
savings card for eligible prescriptions of your blood pressure medicine. You
can save on your medicine with PLC every 12 Months, we will reimburse your prescriptions
co-payment up to $50 or use our savings card to a qualify clients.

Healthy eating:

What you choose to  eat can have a big effect on your blood pressure. That’s why your doctor may
have talked with you about making healthy eating habits a part of your
treatment plan.

It may not be easy to change your habits at first. It’s good
to know there are ways to give old favorites a healthy new twist. Making some small changes in your eating habits, you know that healthy choices, like eating well and being active, are
part of managing blood pressure. But you need information and support to help
you make healthy choices. PLC blood
pressure Program can help you make the right choices.

Be Active: High blood pressure and being

Maybe your workday is  full. Or you’re busy with daily family activities. Just thinking about exercise
may tire you. But to manage high blood pressure, it's important to fit in some
physical activity throughout your week.

It may help to  remember that regular physical activity can reenergize both body and mind.
Being a little more active may be easier than you think. If you can find 10
minutes here and there, you may be able to plan a few activity breaks. PLC will
encourage you and monitor your physical activities weekly.


Manage Stress: Stress does not directly cause high blood
pressure. But when life gets stressful, people react in different ways. Some
may eat too much or eat unhealthy foods. Others may smoke, drink alcohol, or
lose sleep. These habits can lead to high blood pressure.

You may not be able to avoid stress in your life. But you can control how you react to it. Taking
it step by step, you can help lower stress. Your big benefit: lowering stress
may help lower blood pressure.

Stay on track:

It can be so easy to come up with reasons for not sticking
with your treatment plan. Maybe you're so busy that you've said, "I just
don't have time for this!" Or maybe you lose track of time and think,
"It's okay if I miss a dose … or two."

When you take medicine every day, you may run into a
roadblock now and then. But it's important to get back on track, and stay on
track with our program.

If you have a question! we have the

Call us @
513-563-SAVE or Email:






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The Next Campaign To End Hunger!

The Anti-Poverty Task Force is planning a new campaign to end hunger among the socially underprivileged and homeless. For information on how you can help, call 513 5637283

!Tax -exempt for 501(c)(3) form available if interested for all your donations!!

New Volunteers

We are pleased to announce the arrival of new volunteers. Now we have reinforcements for our nonprofit projects!

Our New Website is Online

We are excited about our new online presence. Browse our new website to learn more about our organization.

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